how to play

your turn

If you have a pair of matching Greens put the pair face up in front of you. Congratulations you‘re now in business!

For example: 2 x LEMONADE

in business

You gain one  point for each pair when a DEAL is drawn. Caution now you can be attacked by other players!


Now it‘s time to make frenemies. Play a Steal 2 to grab into any other players hand.  

No shuffling allowed! 


Attack other players in business, as often as you like.  Send over Donut-Cops and Thieves with a chance to take over the attacked business.

Or befriend with Aliens and attack all fellow players business. But beware, every attack can be countered & you could smell like a skunk for weeks.

finish your turn

When you’re done with building your business & attacking your fellow players, finish your turn by drawing a card. 

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how to play