about us

Hi we are Nyke, Lilo & Mark!
We are Green Entrepreneurs, fighting for cannabis, educating people worldwide and inventing cannabis based products that help to solve social problems. We want to make this world a better place with cannabis, and the beginning is always education.


For us it’s very important not just to give you a super fun game (possibly the dopest that you’ll ever play) but also to live up to our responsibility towards people and nature. Therefore all of our products are made under fair conditions, shipped in environmental friendly packaging and all are made in Germany. 

May the Green Queen always be with you

& don’t get caught by the Donut-Cops,


Cannabis entrepreneur by day and ganja fighter by night. Nyke lives to make the Universes greener.


Camera on and action. Mark is the brain behind the camera and a passionate gamer. 


From dreams to life Lilo makes it reality. She's the master mind behind the characters of the Green Universe. 

what we believe


Environmental protection 

Local production

Sustainable materials

Cannabis is the future